Sunday, 29 July 2012

Inter-railing Japan - Osaka

After just a week to get our bearings in Tokyo, we were off on a journey across Japan! With a JR inter-rail pass valid for a week, we could get on almost any JR train and go anywhere, so to start we got on a Skinkansen bullet train and travelled across central Japan to the metropolitan sprawl that is Osaka, one of the coolest and most built up cities out side of the capital.

We stayed two nights in a hotel right in the centre of the shopping district, which was absolutely buzzing! It was weird seeing every since shop open until at least 9. The place was so vibrant and lively, with hundreds of people out and about late at night.

Miku loves fish :P So we headed off to a small island on the edge of the city where there was a hugeeee aquarium. Unlike anywhere i'd been before, it started at the top of a huge building and spiralled down through 14 levels around a handful of huge tanks. Crabs and otters and whatnot at the top, sharks and rays underneath them; it was amazing.

The main tank was just massive. 54,000 tons of water held back by acrylic glass the thickness of a tree! There were also dolphins too, one of which came over and had a good long chat with me :D

In the evening we headed over to a building i'd read about in my travel book. It was a tall double skyscraper with a platform spanning between them dubbed the "Floating Garden". As it was going dark we weren't sure if it'd be any good... haha how wrong could we get?! We got a 360 degree view of Osaka, with a view of absolutely everything! Watching everything move underneath you was incredible, especially seeing as this city really doesn't seem to sleep, there was so much happening it could have been the middle of the day!

Also, shout out to Brando from LA! We met him at the top and he seemed as glad as us to be able to speak English to someone! He's travelling in Japan for another 5 weeks, good luck on your journey mate!

Beautiful and vibrant, in a very modern metropolis sort of way, I could have stayed there all week. But business calls! So the next day it was off to Kyoto..... :P