Thursday, 25 October 2012

Orléans by Night

I haven't been posting a lot recently, it's been a bit quiet on the photography front, but that's because the rest of my life is currently taking a much higher priority!! At the end of September I got on a one way plane to Paris on my way to where I now live; Orléans. I'm an international student on the ERASMUS scheme studying objet et espace design at Ecole Supérieure D'Art et de Design d'Orléans. I have a flat right in the centre of the old town, with a slight view of the river, and live with a big group of great friends who come from all over Europe.

While I'm here I hope to get through my back log of photography work, get on track with my studies, and hopefully use my spare time to take photos in this beautiful country. My main interest is obviously shooting models, but as my language has a lot to be desired at the moment, I'm taking opportunities to go out and shoot street and landscape until I can arrange myself some photoshoots. So every now and again I'm going to upload some photos that i've taken out and about around the city, some from when i'm up in Paris, and maybe some from when i'm away around Europe etc.

This set was taken between 24h-1h in the morning. Me, Lloyd and Mike ventured out into the city to take advantage of the mist that had decided to settle over the buildings that night.