Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Behind the scenes!

Me shooting with Miku and Shani (see the shoot here)

It's coming up to a year and a half now since I set up my website and made a decision to really push myself down the fashion/portrait side of photography. I think that over that time I've learnt quite a lot, even more than I initially realised there was to learn in fact. Every time I learn something though I seem to discover a new side of photography, it seems like there's always more to know!

Anyway, it's not just about taking photos anymore. I work with models from all over the place, with a faithful assistant, budding makeup artists, fashion bloggers, stylists, you get the idea! So now it seems more like we're running a business, setting up groups and meeting up new people, doing shoots in places I couldn't have dreamt of when I started. There's more and more work going into making my photoshoots better, sooooooooo much happens behind the scenes; so this section of my website is going to show off all the little bits that you wouldn't usually get to see! :)